Memorial Page

Odile Long Scheiner

Sharon, Chris and Dennis join me in this tribute to Odile, and in extending our most heartfelt sympathy to Jim and to all of Odile's family in Ireland. We hope we are able to reach across the Atlantic with this page to let you know that you are in our hearts. We are glad Annie can be with you in person.

One of my favorite memories of times with Odile is her laugh - what I think of as her Irish trill. And when I think of it, I recall her laughing on the deck in Tortola, overlooking the water, and how beautiful and wonderful a space she had created there with Jim. And when I think of the water, I think of what a profound relationship she had with it, on the sea, under the sea, and by the edge of the sea, as captain, as diver, and as meditator gazing out on it. It is no jump at all from there to her profound relationships with people, her ability to make friends quickly, to invite people in, to welcome them. I will greatly miss Odile, but I will carry with me that feeling of warm welcome, and hope by extending it to others to honor her wonderful life. Here are a few pictures that evoke some of what I most appreciate about Odile. -John